Wisdom Newsletter for June 2023
Wisdom Newsletter for June 2023

In June, it will be the beginning of the academic year for most educational and skill training institutions. Hence the season of admissions has commenced all across India this month.

Automatically there will be a heavy rush of boys and girls who complete their school final board exams for getting admitted to various courses in different institutions during the months of June and July of the year. Of course, there are scores of disciplines and subjects available to join.

But only a few courses have the potential for high-earning and rewarding careers. Apart from courses relating to engineering such as Information Technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Hotel Management and Catering Technology courses stand the best.

The courses in Hospitality and Hotel Management have enormous potential for highly rewarding careers. These courses have additional advantages of being less stressful and low in cost with having earning options even while learning like internships.

For instance, a person who joins a B.sc degree or Diploma in Hotel Management and Catering Technology at the age of 17 has the potential of ending up earning and saving to the tune of around Rs 1 crore by the time he or she turns 30 years of age.

There are quite a lot of such success stories have taken place here at Wisdom College of Hotel Management. One Mr. Balaguru who was associated with the college has ended up in France as an entrepreneur.  

He owns a restaurant and is well-versed in French and continental cuisine. He is making around Rs. 4 lahks per month from his own business. He is now planning to shift his family to the European country of France.

Another alumnus named Vineeth the old Wisdom Institute of Hotel Management student is now working in London earning around Rs. 2.5 lakhs a month apart excluding the cost for his boarding and lodging. He is specializing in South Indian cuisine at the hotel where he is working.

At Wisdom College of Hotel Management and Catering Technology, there are a wide range of courses with a B.sc degree affiliated to the prestigious Alagappa University. This apart there are Diploma and Certificate courses in Food Production, Beverages, Front Office Management Housekeeping, etc.

There is a focus on improving the students’ personalities along with training in Hotel Management and Catering Technology. Life skill training in Spoken English etc also forms part of the courses here at Wisdom apart from excellent training for curriculum-based skills.

Admissions have been going on in full swing with tremendous response. Aspirants from across India can join the courses. The Wisdom campus itself is situated in a serene atmosphere in a state of the art blocks constructed of unbaked mud bricks. Hostel accommodation is also available for outstation students.

Come and get admitted to the Wisdom College of Hotel Management and Catering Technology and ensure yourself a rewarding and prosperous career.